Written By:
Devised by Apollo Youth Theatre

Directed By:
Mish Whitmore

£10 (21+) | £7 (U21)

27th & 28th July 2024

1hr (estimated)


Pink Cow Theatre present an exciting new piece of physical theatre in their adaptation of Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. Leaving other versions far behind, this story tells the real tale of the puppet's adventures until he finally becomes a real boy. Written by Karl Whitmore, devised by Pink Cow Theatre participants and directed by Mish Whitmore, this dark yet entertaining production takes the audience on Pinocchio's journey where he encounters many trials and tribulations along the way in his pursuit to become who he really wants to be. Expertly choreographed by Ann Abe to a captivating soundtrack created by island musicians Annelise Hallam and Harry Spencer (and members of the cast!), the audience learns the challenges of becoming your true self and the complexities of that realistic image being accepted by society. This production is suitable for all ages although contains some darker themes throughout. Unlike any other adaptation of Pinocchio, this does not want to be missed!